At last: a SIMPLE way to film your tennis.

A high performance, simple-to-use tool.


Everything you need, in a tidy package.

Recording tennis is a unique challenge.  You need the right combination of camcorder, lens, recording media, and software.  And even if you have them all…where on the court do you put the camera?  The VolleyCam was made for tennis players who wanted a an easy-to-use, complete filming system for reviewing their tennis.  Buy nothing more…it’s all included.

Film the whole court: our exclusive VolleyMount hangs high.

Hang the camera from the rear fence or indoor curtain in 30 seconds or less.

  • Camera is not “in play.”This has been the great challenge of filming amateur tennis…how do you get the camera off the court?
  • See everything. Tennis courts are tight spaces. The VolleyCam sees what a tripod on the court can’t, capturing the entire playing area.
  • Study strategy and tactics. More than just up-close technique, the VolleyCam reveals your in-match habits too.

Compact and simple to use.

The VolleyCam sets up quickly and stores easily.

  • Hang, center, & play! Just hang the VolleyCam up high, look into the “centering mirror” and adjust the camera to look directly at the court.
  • Fits in your tennis bag. About the space of one tennis racket.

The perfect camera for tennis…plus a data card.
The VolleyCam includes: Veho VCC-005-Muvi-HD10

  • High definition. A clear view of the ball, even in the far court for up to 3 hours.
  • Shockproof. Built for recording extreme sports. Can take a direct hit from a tennis ball.
  • Big data card. Supplied 16 GB data card holds up to 6 hours of tennis.
  • Ultra wide 160 degree field of view. Captures the entire court.

Edit and share your tennis.

  • Share on YouTube. Share your tennis with instructors, teammates, and opponents.
  • Burn to DVD. Watch yourself on a big screen.
  • Edit the good stuff. Isolate your best points with a “drag and drop” system.
  • Slow motion analysis. Slow down those up-close shots and see every detail.

3 ways the VolleyCam will transform your tennis.


1:  Win more matches with video review.

Would you like to know why you lost a match? The VolleyCam will show you.  Review entire matches on your computer or television.

  • 3 hour recording time.  Capture entire matches.
  • USTA/NCAA legal.  Because the camera is off the court and won’t cause a hindrance, you can record tournaments and league matches.

Your mind can only recall 10% of your matches. The VolleyCam remembers everything.


2:  Practice smarter:  record and revisit your lessons.

Is your approach to practice disorganized? Maybe you make a goal of fixing your second serve, but never fix it completely because you jump to a new problem. Or do you pay $50 for lessons that you barely remember just two days later? The VolleyCam will focus and organize your practice:

  • Review old lessons.  The wisdom of your instructors is yours forever.  Transfer videos to your hard drive.
  • Share video with friends, coaches, and teammates.  Get a second, third, or fourth opinion of your tennis.  Uploading to YouTube is easy with the software that’s included with the VolleyCam.

The VolleyCam fits in your tennis bag and takes just 30 seconds to set up, so it isn’t costing you valuable court time…it’s making your court time more valuable.


3:  Improve your strokes with slow motion analysis.

Could your technique use some fine-tuning? Set up the VolleyCam on the court and capture an up-close look at your tennis.The VolleyCam captures your strokes in detailed slow motion (60 frames per second).

  • See details you don’t see at full speed.  The included software makes it easily to isolate and analyze your serve, backhand, and forehand.
  • No tripod needed.  The VolleyCam also works as an on-court camera mount, so you can record up-close video without a large and bulky tripod.

With the VolleyCam, you can learn the mechanically sound strokes that make tennis effortless.

Finally see what's holding you back. The VolleyCam makes it possible.