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Tennis Training Aids Reviewed: 6 Tools That Work

Teachers Talk Top Tennis Teaching Tools Safe and easy to learn with, McCain and Castro credit QuickStart balls for getting more people into the game. 6 Tools That Work When it comes to teaching, everybody has a slightly different way of making their point. Some school teachers lecture while others teach from a book. Some […]

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Video Tour: Stafford Hills Club, Tualatin, OR

I visited Portland’s newest tennis club recently, and am posting for you one of the first videos of their (impressive) facility. See their tennis courts, exercise and weight room, and pool: What did I like? Almost all of it. Smartly-built indoor tennis courts.  From a bridge 30 feet above, you can view all 7 courts […]

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Cure tennis shoulder pain: switch your serving arm.

Is serving a tennis ball so painful that you’ve considered surgery or quitting the game altogether? Since I tore the labrum in my right shoulder, serving with that arm causes significant pain the following day.  But I recently developed an adequate left handed serve which may allow me to play matches and avoid surgery.  You’ll […]

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