Online Tennis Lessons: Reviews of the Top Websites

We polled members of the world’s largest community of tennis players, “Talk Tennis“: “What’s your favorite learn-tennis-online website?”

The results:

Comments from participants:

Never paid for any stuff, there’s enough up there for free. For volleys i have to credit Brent able. For Serve Ian from eesetialtennis had a few great eye openers. FYB has good overall content,but it takes more time. Jeff Salzenstein, like Brent Abel, has usefull short footage on a lot of things. The Lock and Roll guy’s forehand stuff is second to none (from what I have seen).

Tom Avery from besttennis deserves honourable mention too. His free stuff did improve for my onehander. Brent Abel is from webtennis I believe , always get confused with those names.

tom avery, I just started to watch the videos and apply the stuff and it made a huge difference for me.

Are you looking for free sites? Because if not, it’s pretty tough to beat Yandell’s High speed video of pro strokes, solid lessons on both mechanics and strategy, and what really sets it apart is the message board forums where you can access some strong contributors while cutting out much of the trash you see on free forums (nothing personal TT). And the videos are available on my iPhone and iPad, including the ability to watch them in slow motion.

Looking at the poll result, I say they are all winners. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. You can’t go wrong with any one.

Jeff salzenstein’s youtube is also pretty good with some really nice material.

I like FYB and the tennis oxygen analysis stuff on u tube – both are free and both are solid. Lock and rock is good too but not a whole lot of content yet – but, what’s there is good.

Coach Mauro at deserves a mention. It’s one of the best sites for beginners.

Jim mcLennan.

Conclusion:  sample them all!

Fuzzy Yellow Balls was the most popular pick probably because it’s been around the longest and therefore has the largest audience.

  • Each of the sites in this poll had valuable, free content.  So sample them all, and buy paid content once you’ve found a favorite.
  • Honorable mention:  Over 2000 pages of highly detailed instructional content, pictures, and videos for a fee.

Whether you pay for a membership, or just “cherry pick” the free stuff, mix online video into a well-rounded training routine (fitness, on-court instruction, pratice, and match play).  This new medium is growing fast because it delivers visual instruction  more conveniently and at less cost than on-court instruction.  

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