VC1: Mount + Camcorder (Used)

$795.00 $725.00

Reconditioned to like-new condition.  Includes same warranty and guarantee as a new VC1.

High performance video equipment for tennis parents and team coaches.


  • Sets up quickly from outside the court.
  • Records 12 consecutive hours of tennis.
  • Ultra-high performance camcorder.
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See how it works:

  • How the VC1 sets up quicker than other solutions. No guessing and checking the camera angle!
  • Why video review is an unmatchable advantage.
  • How to get free shipping today!


Only the included Sony CX330 captures the whole tennis court.


Sony HDR CX330


Other HD Camcorders

Its 26.8 MM wide angle lens captures more tennis court than any sub -$700 camcorder you can buy! Full HD 1080/60p, SteadyShot anti-shake, and wind-noise cancellation ensure every video is clear and detailed.

Get $145 of accessories:

Record a full day of tennis, inside our out.

      • 13 hour (3500mAh) battery. An $100 value!
      • 12 hour (64 GB) data card. A $25 value!
      • LCD screen sun shade. A $20 value!

Watch the VC1 work:

We set up the VC1 and walked away to enjoy this Men’s Open final, without ever checking or adjusting the camera!

        • Sony’s amazing ‘G Lens’ captures the full width of the court.  Compare to this video recorded with a standard lens.
        • Our custom camera bracket keeps the camera steady even when balls hit the fence or the wind blows.

*You will hear wind noise, as we did not have wind noise filtering enabled for this video.


Frequently asked questions:

What are your shipping speeds and costs?

USA 3-4 day delivery: $35
USA 1-2 day delivery: $39
International 5-12 day delivery: $60

If you are an international customer, after adding your product to the cart click on the link that says Click here for international shipping. Select your country from the drop-down menu, fill your state/country and postcode onthe form, then click Update Totals.

Why so expensive?

We tested lots of cameras (GoPro, JVC Everio, Canon) and found the combination of the Sony CX330 with 3500mAh battery and 64 GB card to be the most affordable equipment to record 12 hours tennis with the full court in view.

What if a ball hits the camera?

It has happened many times and never damaged the camera.

Why can’t I film my junior’s tennis with your less expensive VC2 VolleyCam?

Because the VC2 hangs on the inside of the court and has backward-facing mirror for verifying your view, you will have to be on the court to set it up.  Not allowed by the USTA, NCAA, or any high school league.

Do I need a voltage converter to charge the camera’s battery outside North America?

No, the camera charges via your computer’s USB port.

How do I edit, shorten, and share the videos I record?

Your Windows computer has built-in video editing software. We include instructions to shorten and combine videos, as well as instructions to share with video with coaches, parents, and teammates on YouTube.

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 32 x 8 x 8 in