VC2: Mount + Camcorder


All the equipment you need to record and review tennis from high above the court.

  • Sets up in 30 seconds from inside the court.
  • Records 3 hours of tennis.
  • See what the camera sees as you hang it – no guess-and-check!
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See how it works:

  • How the VC2 sets up quickly with no guessing and checking.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I put this together myself…for less?

You could certainly hunt down the components online and save $50, but the real problem is securing them together and getting the distance between the camera, the mirror, and the adjustment rod correct. That took a lot of experimentation.


Can I use the camera off the court?

Of course! It quickly disconnects from the adjustment rod and is a fantastic camcorder to bring to parties, big events, etc. Films in 1080HD, fits in your pocket, and has an ultra wide 160 degree field of view!


I already have a camcorder and tripod. How is this an improvement?

High above the court, you see so much more: both players, the ball, and the entire court to the doubles alleys. Evaluate the real reasons matches are won and lost: strategy and tactics.


There’s a cheaper mount, the QM-1. Why pay more for the VC2?

The QM1 requires that you “guess and check” your recordings many times until you have the correct angle. Because the mirror lets you know you’ve centered the camera on the court, you can set up the VC2 quickly and get on to playing tennis!


How can an instructor teach better with the VC2?

Offer something unique: Show your students video of their tennis, and they’ll book more lessons, more often…with you!

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 x 8 x 3 in