VolleyMount for Camcorders


Film your tennis with your favorite camcorder.  The VolleyMount™ hangs 10 feet above the court and produces the optimum recording angle.

  • Secure and safe.  Guaranteed not to damage your camcorder.
  • Easy to use, on any court. Large mirror lets you know you’re centered on the court. 
  • Works with all camcorders. Fixed-screen and “flip out” screens.


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Video:  How the VolleyMount works.

Watch the video and learn:

  • How the VolleyMount quickly hangs your camcorder high above the court.
  • Why your camcorder is guaranteed to be safe.
  • How the VolleyMount’s mirror makes it easy to center your camcorder on the tennis court.

Easy to center on the court.

The reflection mirror guides you as you position your camcorder.

Use with any camcorder.

The VolleyMount attaches to any camcorder with a standardized 1/4″ “hole” in the bottom:  “pocket” style (thin and vertical) or “palm” style.

A note about lenses.


You’ll need a wide angle lens to view the entire tennis court.  It’s included free when you select the “pocket camcorder” option.

“Palm” camcorder require larger lenses which can be found on Amazon.  Note that your camcorder’s lens must have pre-drilled threads for a lens to screw onto.  This is a feature found only on camcorders $450 and more.

Get Fast Shipping:

USPS Priority USA: Arrives in 3-5 days for $15.
USPS Express USA:  Arrives in 1-2 days for $39.
USPS Priority International: Arrives in 5-10 days for $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping speeds and costs?

USA 3-4 day delivery: $15
USA 1-2 day delivery: $39
International 5-12 day delivery: $60

If you are an international customer, after adding your product to the cart click on the link that says Click here for international shipping. Select your country from the drop-down menu, fill your state/country and postcode onthe form, then click Update Totals.

What if a tennis ball hits my camera?

We’ve recorded over 120 hours of tennis and a ball has hit the mount or camera twice. In both cases, it was the result of a “mis-hit” and there was no damage.

The VolleyMount has secure hooks and is guaranteed to never allow your camcorder to fall to the court.

You’re selling a camera and monopod. Can’t I put this together myself…for less?

Good question. You could certainly hunt down the components online, but the real problem is securing them together and getting the distance between the camera, the mirror, and the adjustment rod correct. That took a lot of experimentation.

Does it really take 30 seconds to set up?

It could take 60 seconds your first time. After that…30 seconds would be the maximum. It’s really that easy.

Will it work on ALL courts, indoors and outdoors?

We haven’t found a court where we couldn’t produce perfectly centered, up-high video recordings. It even hangs inside those popular “bubble” structures. See picture and video.

I already have a tripod and a camcorder. How is this an improvement?

The great benefit of the VolleyCam is that you can see over the players and capture the whole court. You capture critical video to help you improve strategy and tactics.

Also, with the camera off the court you can play a tennis match and not worry that your camcorder will be knocked over.

Can I attach my gopro camera to your mount?

Yes. Purchase a VolleyMount “Pocket” style. You will need to purchase a gopro tripod adapter: http://gopro.com/camera-mounts/tripod-mount?utm_medium=shoppingengine&utm_source=googlebase&gclid=CKK53tr8nrwCFUZBQgodF2wAbg

Can I record USTA, college, and high school matches?

Robert Keppel, the creator of the VolleyCam, has filmed many USTA tournament matches with no objection from officials or opponents.

Many VolleyCam owners film their junior matches, high school matches, and college matches.

This is a lot to invest. What is the real benefit of video taping my tennis?

You’ll find that video greatly accelerates the speed of your improvement. You can spend $1000s on lessons and court fees pretty quickly, but do you really know that you’re making progress–improving your technique and strategy–unless you SEE yourself playing?

Who was the VolleyCam made for?

Tennis players of all levels looking to make real, tangible improvements in their games. It’s also a great tool for coaches (high school, college, camps, youth) and professional instructors. Instructors: tape and upload your lessons online. Host on YouTube for publicity. Offer something the other instructors don’t!

What is your refund policy?

You have 60 days to try out the VolleyCam. If it doesn’t improve your tennis significantly, return it to us for a full refund. This includes your OUTBOUND and RETURN shipping costs as well!

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 27.5 x 5 x 10 in