Meet our Customers:

“I’m sold…this thing is awesome.”

“I’ve found video analysis of matches to be helpful, but it’s been difficult to get a decent camera angle for recording matches. I can either get the view from behind or from the side, which is great for stroke analysis but lacks the best view for reviewing my shot selection, court positioning and overall strategy.

I recently got to demo the VolleyCam which hangs a camera from the back curtain or fence and allows for easy adjustment of the camera to get the entire court into view.

I recently took it out, along with my Flip Ultra HD, to see just how well it worked. After about 30 seconds of setup, I was ready to go and play. I set both cameras to record and played a match. While the match itself isn’t the important part, viewing the results is. I’m including a video I posted on YouTube here to show the differece. I think the results speak for themselves. I bought one.”

Brian Mark, North Dakota

Brian’s video review:

“Changed tactics and won…after watching myself on the VolleyCam.”

I am a 41 year that practices tennis in a 3 to 4 hours daily, and always looking to get better on the sport. So when I found on the web the chance to film my self to see my mistakes with a simple device I decided to give it a try. The telescopic arm, with the mirror and hooks looks very simple, but to think of it most been several weeks of designs and different approaches to make the idea work. It is very simple to use, you only need a little of practice to look the reflection of the mirror and put the camera in sight, after that is very easy. I been using for a week and discover a simple mistake on my backhand, just to bend the knees more… with this that I saw on the videos, the next day I went to the court my backhand was as hard and precise as my forehand.

Also it helps a lot to see errors in tactics, yesterday I lost 6-0, 7-5 against a 6.0 player who is out of shaped and its coming back. But with the video I realize that I was playing to hard and not looking for the corners. Today i play the same Guy and lost the first 6-4 and the second I won 6-7 (tie break 7-4) the third set was postponed for tomorrow. But the thing is that with the camera I was able to see my self hitting a lot to the center and not moving the other player, since he is left handed I was sending many balls to his forehand who is very lethal. Today I played the opposite, thanks to the volleycam.”

David Izquierdo, Sinaloa Mexico

Watch David’s video recorded with the VolleyCam:

A useful teaching tool at a Texas tennis academy.

“Hi Robert. I used the VolleyCam during a recent summer camp and it was very popular!

It can be difficult to feel a problem with your technique, but it’s easy to see a problem. Video really accelerates the learning process, and the VolleyCam was easy to use from the beginning.

Send over another!

Juan Bracho Bellaire, TX

9 year old boy enjoys watching videos of his tennis.

“Hi Robert. My son just reviewed video of his tennis lesson captured by the VolleyCam. He loves this thing.”

Paula McClure,

137 videos…and counting.

Steve Tannenbaum returned to tennis recently after a 9 year stoppage. He uses the VolleyCam to record his matches, practice sessions, and lessons. Steve notes that seeing his flaws–both technical and tactical–on video inspired him to improve. View his 137+ videos on his YouTube Channel.

Steve Tannenbaum, Portland, OR

Our recent interview with Steve:

“Pictures don’t lie but videos tell the whole story.”
A picture will give you an idea of how your stroke looks like. A video will not only let you see your stroke. It can also show the result! There is no easier way to mount your video cam to get as close to a TV viewing angle as you can get. Perfect for analyzing strategies, tactics, shot selection and movement. It is just as easy to mount it by the side or back fence eliminating the need to carry a separate tripod. Perfect for analyzing strokes and mechanics. This is a great product for the player who wants to improve. This is an even greater product for the coach to reinforce lessons. Convenience, simplicity, effectiveness. Look no further. The VolleyCam is the product for you.

Robert Garrucho, USPTA

“See yourself from that up-high, ‘I’m-on-TV’ angle.”

Ex reviewed the VolleyCam for Highlights of his review:
“It’s a great camera: waterproof, shockproof, and easy to operate with HD quality video. Setup is extremely fast. Takes about a minute to remove from my bag, hang on the fence, and adjust to the right viewing angle…a foolproof way to record your tennis.”

Ex Pow-anpongkul Baltimore, MD

“A tremendous coaching tool for my son.”

I record [my son’s] matches, then burn the video to CDROM or DVD, and send them to the coaches that work with my son directly at the Weil Tennis Academy in Ojai, CA. This allows them to review the match play with him. This has the same value as the coaching pro being present at every match, which isn’t always possible. It is a tremendous coaching tool. It has allowed my son to better visualize what actually happened during the match. Randi Galli, MD.

Randi Galli, MD. Fresno, CA

“You just don’t believe your flaws until you see them on video.”

“For anybody that wants to improve…really improve…this set up is invaluable. It sits up high so you can see not just your technique but also court positioning and strategy. My videos showed me that I was out of position a lot–particularly in doubles–and I wasn’t doing enough with short balls. You just don’t believe your flaws until you see them on video.”

Marc H., Tulsa, OK

We gave Marc a Volleycam for 2 weeks.
He describes his experience.

“A great investment in my daughter’s tennis career.”

“Thanks for your assistance, I love the cam and I use it weekly. My daughter is very talented, and has lots of potential for pro, so many people watch her and since we use the volleycam I am sure many have went to your site since everyone asks about it and I let them know what site to go to and I show them how easy it is to use and set up. Your cam catches many people eyes and they look, so I take time to show them and explain it to them. Thanks again. Best wishes to your company because your cam is a great investment. The cute green ball I think was eye catcher for sure.”

Jacinda H., Ft. Meyers, FL

“In a word, excellent.”

“Thanks for the help, I found the software on the camera. And I’d like to thank you for the product as well, it is simply excellent!”

Gabor Beres, Yorkeys Knob, QLD Australia

“Quality customer service.”

Thank you so much! That is the best customer service I have received in a very long time! I am a high school coach and am very excited for my players to be able to view their matches this spring!

Thanks again!

Laura Ecton, Fort Collins, CO

“Got bumped to 4.0”

I purchased the volleycam with camera & mount last year and have found it very useful for improving my game. In fact, I got bumped to 4.0 at the end of the year.

Peter D., Martinez, CA

“Smarter tennis students”

trent_alenikVideo is a key element in improving. Your video set up allows us to analyze match play and strategy, pointing out areas of improvement that no other tool allows for as effectively.

Trent Alenik, No Quit Tennis Academy, Las Vegas, NV