The 2 Year Anniversary of the VolleyCam: 5 Observations from the Owner.

I lost $4061 in 2013.

  • Sales:  $77,562.  
  • Expenses:  -$81,623.  
  • Net loss:  $4061.

2 reasons for the bad year:

  1. Kodak discontinued their amazing, affordable ZX5 camera.  I’ve replaced it with a better camera, but site visitors have “just said no” to the $50-higher price.
  2. People seem to prefer this inferior camera on a stick.  You hang a camera on the fence and hope it’s filming the court.  I’m not kidding.  It’s anyone’s guess if you’re filming your tennis or a dog taking a dump in the park.

If you want to sell stuff online…sell cheap shit.

Without a hefty marketing budget, you cannot convince people online to pay a higher price for your widget because they can’t hold that widget in their hand and decide it’s worth the extra scratch.

Silly publicity stunts work.

I set up my 4.0 buddy Nick with a part-time female touring professional.  They played a pro-set, recorded with the VolleyCam.  The video’s been seen 397,000 times in 5 months.  Website traffic is up 35%.  Sales are up 35%. The idea came to me in the shower and took 6 hours to capture and edit. My 32 other videos have no more than 40,000 views and took 60 hours to catpure and edit.

On the Internet, attention is given to the stupid.

I play tennis in low places.

Since injuring my shoulder 2.5 years ago, I can’t serve with my right arm.

No 4.0 team will have me.  I’ve beaten a 4.0 player just once, in 15 tries.

Yet the USTA wouldn’t approve my medical appeal to be re-rated as a 3.5.

So I get my tennis fix in public group lessons.

These players (all of whom rated themselves 3.5/4.0) are awful:  slow legs/spastic arms/poor form/can’t follow simple directions.

I’ve won every point.  At least 300 of them.

My confidence is returning and the shoulder’s getting stronger; possibly strong enough to serve.

Is this my final year of tennis?

Tennis has wrecked my body and taken money from my family.  My 3 kids eat generic cereals.

If in one year, I haven’t made a profit with Volleycam and haven’t won at least a third of my matches:

  1. I will close VolleyCam.
  2. Give my racquets to Peruvian school children.
  3. Throw my tennis shoes in the Willamette river.
  4. Search for a new way to squander resources.


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