The 3 Year Anniversary of Volleycam: Observations.

I won’t be quitting tennis.

When I last contacted you I promised to quit tennis if:

  1. Volleycam lost money.
  2. I lost a third of my matches.

Volleycam did manage, again, to pick my pockets, with a $3818 loss.

The numbers:

Sales: $59,200
Expenses: $63,018

My largest expense is cameras. I’ll gladly buy lots of them–say $50ks worth for $40k–from Sony or Muvi.

But they don’t return my calls.

However, I played 0 matches…

and therefore continue on.

My shoulder is still fu*ked.

I tore the labrum further in June while serving and developed a case of frozen shoulder.
It’s too tight to operate on…even 6 months later! But I expect to get the labrum repaired by March and be back on the court in early 2016.

I’ll join Mountain Park Racquet Club, where I will be a ball boy as I relearn tennis.

How I’ve replaced tennis.

I tried many things, and found this formula to work:

  1. Pickleball.
  2. A fast car.
  3. Subscription pornography.
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