Three Holiday Gifts Your Tennis Player Will Love

3 Holiday Gifts Your Tennis Player Will Love

Along with the holiday season comes ads, sales, bargains, and coupons. The problem is that unless you are buying gifts for someone with which you share an interest (or at least an intimidate knowledge of their interest) or they just flat out tell you what they want, buying gifts can be a combination of frustration and the threat of impending disappointment.

With that in mind, what do you get a tennis player (whether or not you know anything about the game or their needs)?

1. Bag or Apparel

Yeah I am kind of cheating with this entry, but they are pretty similar in terms of ease of shopping, and at the $50 to $100 range are more affordable than most other types of tennis gear.

Brand aside there are a variety of bag types to choose from, but all you really need to know is how many racquets they carry and pick one that matches their style, and apparel is even easier in that you just need to know their size.

Even if the person already has a bag or shirt–which unless they just started probably do–it gives them a chance to mix up fashion now and then, and in the case of the shirts and shorts also gives them a backup option.

Price: $35 to $100 (yes, even for shirts)

Where: Tennis Warehouse has both a convenient bag-finder and a well-organized apparel section.

2. Tennis Shoes

Tennis is tough on shoe soles, so having a set of quality, specialized shoes is essential. The more they are used the faster they wear out, which is not so good for the recipient, but a plus for you since it is very likely that even if they have shoes they are going to need a new pair at some point.

When it comes to brand Nike is an obvious choice, but Adidas, Babolat, Prince, and Wilson are also highly rated.

Price: $80 to $140

Where: Again, Tennis Warehouse has separate pages for both men’s and women’s shoes. You can also try Tennis Express and

3. Tennis Lessons

Even elite-level tennis players can benefit from lessons.  But strangely, lessons are a low priority for most players:  they believe that “hitting time” is a substitute for paid coaching.  Do them a great favor, and get them some on-court time with instructor who will give them some fresh advice about their game.

Price: $40 – $80 an hour.

Where: Contact your local tennis instructors.

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